Belma Kapetanovic


I worked with this fashion e-commerce startup to develop their brand direction, app and responsive desktop site, and saw them through a few iterations of the project and business model over several months. Blackbetty sells high street fashion overstock at heavily discounted prices.

Please note that placeholder imagery is used in these designs.

Version 1 (working name: Yes 5 Pounds):

Initial research included ecommerce giants ASOS, Boohoo and Missguided. The goal was to allow customers to find (and buy) what they needed quicky and easily from a large selection of items. As this was a brand new online-only startup selling low-value/high-volume items, there is also a strong focus on encouraging social sharing throughout the website designs to encourage customers to tell their friends about the brand.

Version 2:

Once the supply chain was solidifed, the client realised that varying and unpredictable stock levels called for a different type of website with more focus on discovery. Research for Version 2 included and Pinterest. Due to the continued focus on selling low-value items, the goal was to encourage sign-ups and repeat business. Once a customer has made an initial purchase and saved their details, they can check out with an effortless one-step checkout process for subsequent orders. Multi-item orders are also encouraged through a 'running cart' feature that is visible throughout the website on the right side of the screen and shows prices dropping further as more items are added to it.

An app was also created alongside the website to further encourage repeat purchases from loyal customers. Click here to view the InVision prototype of the app.